30 New Satisfyer Products in 2018 / New Pricing / Higher Margins

By on June 21, 2018

Bielefeld, DE – Satisfyer, the sexual wellness industry leader, reinforces its mission to provide end consumers more affordable pricing, increase retailer’s sell-out and strengthen distributor margin in our more and more competitive industry.

“We are delighted to announce a price reduction of more than 20% for our entire Satisfyer Partner line. The steady growing success of our moderate priced line in conjunction with significant silicone price reductions, has allowed us to reduce our price point to be even more attractive to end consumers”, said Jerome Bensimon, Vice President of Sales for Satisfyer. New MSRP pricing are as follows:

– Satisfyer 1 MSRP AUD 39.95
– Satisfyer 2 MSRP AUD 49.95
– Satisfyer Pro 2 MSRP AUD 79.95
– Satisfyer Pro Penguin MSRP AUD 79.95
– Satisfyer Pro Deluxe MSRP AUD 79.95
– Satisfyer Pro Traveler MSRP AUD 69.95
– Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration MSRP AUD 99.95
– Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit MSRP AUD 99.95
– Satisfyer Partner Multifun 1 MSRP AUD 69.95
– Satisfyer Partner Multifun 2 MSRP AUD 69.95
– Satisfyer Men MSRP AUD 49.95
– Satisfyer Men Vibration MSRP AUD 69.95
– Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration MSRP AUD 79.95
– Satisfyer Vibes MSRP AUD 69.95

Our customers can look forward to changes in wholesale pricing and are now standardized across the entire Satisfyer product range.

“But there is much more Satisfyer will proudly reveal in the coming weeks!

We’ve been working intensively on developing over 30 new toys in the past 10 months investing our current annual sales in R&D. In the next weeks, we will be excited to introduce our brand new Satisfyer Vibes line, but also, two new Satisfyer Partner Toys (Multifun 1 and Multifun 2), which offer over 11 ways to enjoy and enhance sexual wellness.

With the same excitement and energy, we will be presenting to the press any day now, two revolutionary new rechargeable Satisfyer Men- Men Vibration and Heating Vibration, to become the male market segment new bestsellers” said Jerome Bensimon.



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